Ecommerce Development

Want to start a new business but you do not have enough finance to build up a proper store? Or you want to expand your business, but you cannot find a decent location that is suitable for your products?

The traditional commerce of brick and mortar has always been a hectic scenario since you have to tackle many barriers. For example, you have to search for a location that is easily reachable by you and your employees, investing a lot in buying or paying rents of your store, find a suitable place where you can easily attract customers, the maintenance, and the list goes on and on!

But does that mean no business?

No! The online world has been like a magic wand that solves every issue with just a flick! E-commerce is the answer to all; no owner can ignore the productivity that an Ecommerce Shopping Cart can actually make.

Codeberriez knows the value of an online store, which is why we are one of the top E-commerce developers in Pakistan. We create e-stores rather than just build it, because every business has its own categories and thus not all features of an online store are needed, which otherwise can make your store look more haphazard. For instance, a garment shop would be providing clothes in many colors thus color swatches plug-in would be recommended where else a pharmacy store would be having an option of grams and doses.

Our shopping carts and the site navigation are also flexible so that the buyers can smoothly glide and search for other products after adding their items in their carts with features like add to wishlist, save order and reorder etc.

Along with making your store safe and secured from getting it hacked, we make it responsive so that anyone from anywhere can instantly buy from your site. However, you cannot just expect your online store to be bombarding with visitors who are clearing your shelves and giving you constant profits once your site is activated. To make it successful, the traffic is supposed to be created! With My Codeberriez, your company name and logo will be eventually turning into a brand within no time!

You can then enjoy every detail of your success with the most accurate and detailed dashboard. The purpose of a dashboard is not only to get reports and keep records but to find more room for improvement for the expansion of your business.

Reach beyond possibilities by getting online with Codeberriez!

You can start your online business now by just dialing up to Codeberriez!