Graphic Designing

To be frank enough, Graphic Designing is Codeberriez favorite skill. Designing is like a puzzle to us where we have to put in the content and the images together in a very creative yet attractive way! But creativity and attractiveness of a design is not enough, just like the quote says ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’ thus we make sure that it communicates what the company has to say to its customers. When this agenda is completed the puzzle completes!


Start with Codeberriez for a very creative logo Design. Making a logo is not just about creating an image; it is about creating the corporate identity with a vision of making it a brand. Thus, the process is simple yet productive where we first understand your company, products and most importantly the vision and we design your logo which is a 100% original with no use of any clipart or templates. The cherry on the top is that your logo is created with a concept which it gives it a more professional look!


Where else in Web Designing, Codeberriez has gained expertise. In Web Designing, it is not only about the look and presentation of the site but mainly it is about making it user-friendly. While your web world is being designed we make sure that the alignments are accurate and the font’s style and size used are appropriate for the sake of visibility. Apart from crafting normal designs we also create flash images and sites. Your design is created on a theme based on your company; the colors chosen are definition to your aura and your business, which makes the design theme exclusive for you!


Our Team consists of very skillful members, who are the best choice for Economical Newsletter Design. Each Newsletter that we design has a single aim of getting clicks, thus with this purpose in our mind the newsletters made are a tempt enough to visit your site.


We also design Banners, E-Catalogues, Brochures, Social Posts, Flyers and much more. Be it GIF Image, JPEG, PNG or Codeberriez work is completely plagiarism free and consists of no clipart.


Yet why Codeberriez? And what’s so different about us? Just like mentioned previously that a picture is a worth a thousand words, thus, we make sure that we do not bombard our design with words, we let pictures speak! Our work is creative; it looks fine and communicates with intelligence.


For Unique yet Affordable Graphic Designing, contact now at Codeberriez! Because we know that unlike Art, Graphic Design is supposed to radiate uniform meaning to viewers!