Search Engine Optimization:

Building a Website without applying Search Engine Optimization Services is like buying an electronic equipment but never plugging it into the switch board till it rots in despair!

Building an online world is not enough; you would not even get a single visitor after activating your site because traffic is supposed to be created; you need to direct your site. Codeberriez offers Best SEO Services that would not only bring your site to the search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing etc but with targeted keywords you would be on their first page. An impression of being a brand!

From the beginning till the end of creating the site we make sure that every nook and cranny of the site helps in Search Engine Optimization. Our work begins with understanding your company and products so that we can analyze them to produce targeted keywords ensuring that the visitors will be fully satisfied when they click to your domain name.


And then Content is The King! The content written for your site is simple and loaded with targeted keywords in a very creative way that makes very fruitful results in gaining traffics.


Codeberriez provides the most Affordable SEO Package. With Content writing according to the analyzed keywords we ensure that your e-world completes all Meta requirements like Titles, Keywords, Headings and Descriptions. Also, we do not waste the high-quality images in your site because with Alt Tags they are going nowhere but to the Images page of Google.


Now comparatively, it is convincible to get a click on your site but to make the visitor stay on your is the real test! Although Codeberriez will make your site extraordinary but with SEO perspective, we need something more. Thus, with Internal links, your site will be longer viewed.


Along with on page services, our off-page services are equally productive, with monthly blogs, article submission, Corporate Mailing Lists, Social Bookmarking and back linking you will notice the bar raising!


With Organic SEO services we also do Google Adwords, which produces unbelievable results, but only if played intelligently. Codeberriez is the expert in doing Google Adwords!


But wait! We do not only offer Guaranteed SEO Services in Pakistan but also SMO!


Social Marketing Optimization:

We strongly believe that your existence on the internet should not be only limited to the website but should be communicative through Social Networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest and Google +1 etc. This is due to the fact that people tend to believe that their requirement is easily found on Social Networks plus making them interactive makes your customers know that you care!